Increase Your Self-Awareness

Hey there 👋 we're glad to see you are interested in improving your self-awareness using the Insights Window. The truth is, while most people think that they have a good understanding of how other people view us, only about 10-15% of folks exhibit accurate self-awareness. Unless you're routinely asking others for feedback (and let's be honest, most of us aren't doing that!), it's more challenging than you think to perceive yourself accurately.

The Insights Window is an interactive tool based on the Johari Window, a tool from psychology research, that gives you a window onto some insights about yourself. The Insights Window will help you deepen your self-awareness by collecting feedback from people you know about how they perceive you. The best part? It happens in three easy steps and takes very little time!

You'll first choose a set of words that you would use to describe yourself. Then you'll ask a group of your friends, colleagues, or others in your network to choose some words that they would use to describe you. Finally, you'll view a map of where those words overlap and differ, giving you a better sense of how you view yourself and how others perceive you.

Follow the instructions on the next pages to start increasing your self-awareness!

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